Situations Vacant

Helping us to help members – to give them with a wider range of activities and services

This page contains details of volunteer posts within Cardiff U3A which are either currently vacant or will become so at the next Annual General Meeting.

Some posts are Officers as defined in the Constitution of the Cardiff U3A and the holder takes a place on the Executive Committee whilst others are posts the Committee has found to be useful additions to the formal Officer posts and may not necessarily be committee posts.

  • Treasurer
    We have been without a Treasurer since the last AGM. Alison Firth, the former Treasurer, has been covering the work and will be around to help a new person into the role. The Treasurer is the member of the Executive Committee responsible for handling the financial affairs of the Cardiff u3a in accordance with the […]
  • Secretary
    Having been Secretary for 3 years, Les Hales will come to the end of her tour of duty in November, so Cardiff u3a is looking for a replacement.  The role mainly involves organising Committee meetings and the AGM, in conjunction with the Chair.  The Secretary also ensures compliance with the requirements of Third Age Trust […]
  • Relationship with other u3as in South Wales
    Volunteers Needed for the Committee’s Relationship with other u3as in South Wales We currently have no South Wales Network Representative. We therefore need a volunteer to be the Committee’s Network Representative: in particular, this will mean communicating with other u3a organisations on our behalf – as described at pages 21-23 in the 2022 Magazine. Support […]
  • Communication Activities
    Volunteers Needed for the Committee’s Communication Activities We need volunteers to help deliver these services to Members: ensuring that communications within Cardiff U3A are effective and timely ensuring that members without email access are kept informed to the same extent as members with email access ensuring that externally facing media applications are up-to-date and relevant […]