The Inquirers

Contact: Michael Young

This group is held by Zoom fortnightly, on a Thursday from 10:30 to 12 noon.

A single question is discussed at each meeting, but over the year a wide range of topics are covered. See below examples of recent topics

  • What does Iran want?
  • Have we reached a turning point with migraine medication?
  • Has Toyota solved the electric car battery problem?
  • Is Paris ready for the 2024 Olympics?
  • Is Peace In The Arctic Melting?

The question will be advertised in the calendar on the right, usually a week, or so, before the meeting. Very occasionally it may change – so always check.

The meeting is based on the BBC World Service’s award-winning programme “The Inquiry”. The experts on this programme include senior academics, politicians, journalists, and others with personal experience of the subject. After each individual interview, we discuss the expert’s view and often share our personal views and experiences.

All members with access to Zoom are welcome. Just contact the convenor and ask to be sent an invitation.