Life Stories

Contact the Convenor: Nonn Vaughan

Our Story – Our Lives

What do you wish you had asked your grandparents and parents about their lives, and your family history? What would you like your grandchildren, family and society to know and remember about you? My children are always saying ‘Write it down Mum’! So this is what I’ inviting you to do with me.

Experience shows that having an audience, either as listener, reader or viewer helps to develop a ‘good story’, so this is how the group will run.

You won’t be writing an autobiography, it will be a series of anecdotes and memories, details and stories. What was your first day at school like? Your favourite clothes as a teenager, or your best friend. At some point, we might want to see our whole life journey so far, and look forward to the future.

We plan to record onto our phone, recorder or tablet. We can learn how to use automatic voice recognition which will write our story for us. At the first meeting you can see how it works and get help downloading it.

If you would rather not use recordings, that’s fine, just use your time in the group to get inspiration from other people’s stories and talk about your own. Then write it down at home.

However you do it, I hope we will inspire each other when we share something of our lives in the group and go on to have something to pass on to our families or to future historians.