Italian Conversation

Contact – Pauline

This group, which started in November 2018, meets twice monthly on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays from 10.30 – 12 noon at the Monmouthshire Building Society, Queen St, using their community rooms. Please look at the calendar to check for any change of location.

The level is loosely intermediate and it has evolved to include some time for members, if they wish, to speak briefly to the whole group, time for conversation in smaller groups and a chance to read, translate and discuss a passage of text which is circulated in advance of the meeting.

We have taken the decision to close membership at present as a continued rise in numbers will make it difficult for us to continue as a conversation group. We are looking into starting up another group, maybe for people who feel they are not yet ‘intermediate’ or for people who are more or less fluent. Please contact me if you feel you might be able to help in any way.