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5th December, 2023 – Two debates were held as well as some Carol Singing kindly provided by the Singing for Pleasure group. The first debate was overwhelmingly against the motion that we sack Santa Clause. He is not even to get a reprimand for not doing his job properly. The second debate was the “Happiness” debate. This was a floor debate without speakers. Most opinion was swayed in the direction of taking responsibility for our own happiness.

17th October, 2023 – This was a Debate concerning the new 20mph Speed Restrictions imposed by the Welsh Assembly. The result of the vote was even, 15 for and 15 against the new 20mph speed limits plus abstentions.

5th September, 2023 – Our Inaugural Debate. This was a Debate concerning Artificial Intelligence. The result : two thirds of the audience being in favour of AI.