Our trip to Bath

After talking about it for a long time a small group of Film Group members embarked on our first trip on Monday June 3rd.  We meet monthly in Chapter but have decided to go on a few trips to other independent cinemas both locally and further flung a few times each year.

We went to see Message in a Bottle (Encore) at the Picturehouse in Bath.  Message In A Bottle is a spectacular dance show from choreographer, Kate Prince, set to the hits of Sting, including Every Breath You Take, Roxanne, Walking On The Moon and more. Message In A Bottle tells a unifying and uplifting story of humanity and hope, through the fortunes of a refugee family.  It was recorded at Sadler’s Wells in August 2022 with dancers from the company Zoonation. 

Most of us travelled by train together and were lucky enough to be able to sit together there and back.  Bath is very compact so walking times were very short and often past very beautiful sties such as the Abbey, Hilary pointed out the Ladders to Heaven, which I had never noticed before and they’d decorated Bath especially for us.

Our first stop was Mokoko coffee shop, where we enjoyed the most delicious and HUGE pastries, most of us didn’t eat again that day.  The cinema was just a short walk away.

We were all impressed with the cinema which was quirky, quaint and comfortable, and the staff were very helpful.  There were a few too many steps for some of us though and the prices were quite high.

Afterwards we went to the Crystal Palace pub, Fuller’s, my favourite beer and a good menu, to discuss the film, which everyone thought was excellent and very moving, demonstrated by the audience showing its appreciation by clapping at the end, not usual but perhaps more likely in a streamed performance.  We discussed how the streamed version worked for each of us, some being in favour of live, whereas others felt the streamed version was equally enjoyable. We also discussed the relationship between Sting’s music and the storyline. What came first, the plot and then the music was selected or was the music selected then a plot written for the music.  Whichever, the marrying of the two was spectacular showcasing both Sting’s work and the talents of the dancers. All blended beautifully.

Several people then took advantage of Bath’s shopping opportunities.  It was quite a long but very enjoyable day and one we will repeat every now and then.  Our next outing may be in September to somewhere more local.