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Moving On – Sometimes Love is Not Enough

Moving on

The lastest novel from Dorothy Al-Khafaji, published 16 February 2024.

Ageing Maggie Johnson relives past events, some happy, others funny or sad, in her dreams.

As a teenager in the fifties, Maggie dreams of a fulfilling career, but it isn’t always easy with a demanding husband and two growing sons to care for.

For a time, she puts her dreams to one side to help husband Michael achieve his own ambitions, but his recurring infidelity forces her to recognise that sometimes love is not enough.

Their divorce frees her to make her own choices and she finds it’s not too late to pursue some of her teenage dreams. In doing so she finds a different kind of love with a faithful partner who always encourages and supports her, wherever those dreams may take her.

Moving On is available on Amazon for Kindle or in paperback